Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tring Tring- Please Listen

I wanted to purchase a mobile phone over the weekend.Went to one of the leading stores in Chennai. I wouldnt argue that I am gadget freek but fairly technology savvy.

I had a few specs for phone which I duly communicated to the sales person. This includes:
1. Not a heavy phone
2. Easy to Use
3. No need for a slide phone
4. Shouldnt be fragile as my 1 year old daughter may want to use it :-)

I always believed that there are too many options and I will be confused what to buy. Contrary to my belief, the sales person came back with very few options or rather non options..

What makes it even more confusing is the model numbers and the laundry listing of features which are supposed to appeal to our rational minds.

Take care to look at my specifications. It has nothing to do with 8 mega pixel camera or Document scannner etc.. No brochure states consumer terminologies.My guess is that a section of consumers are overwhelmed by these terms that they choose path of least resistance like sales person's choice or friend's suggestion.

I see an opportunity. Can these mobile companies start listening to these conversions? Capturing these adjectives stated by consumers on an ongoing basis will certainly help them get product or communication ideas..

I will try and see how to capture this conversation.After all this tring is worth listening..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Say no 2 Mass marketing - look for trenches

I remember reading an article on how New Zealanders marketed their gooseberry in USA. All they did was to call it a 'Kiwi' and put them in niche Latin food stores as Latinos use gooseberry,which is similar to mangoes and peaches, in their kitchens. If the new Zealanders had gone to WalMart's or COSTCO ( any American stores), there will be no takers. Look for the trenches and the risk takers will ensure that they market the products through word of mouth.

This inference inspired a thought. Chennai, a metropolitan city in India, has recently seen a surge in floating population thanks to IT and auto companies. Many people from the Northern part of India who come to Chennai loathe Chennai as it is hot and humid and the only thing that gets discussed is movies and only movies.

Contrary to a lot of beliefs Chennai has changed a lot. It has many multi cuisine restaurants ( Malaysian, Koren,Japanese to name a few), some excellent theatres and stage plays( both English and Hindi), pretty active night life for nocturnals.. Chennai has changed a lot...

Here is a marketing idea. Intend to launch a news letter to non Chennaites which will higlight on some of the super cool events/hang outs in Chennai. The newsletter will be titled ' F N C O' ( For Non Chennaites Only). Instead of trying out a mass marketing approach, the goal is just to target people who are in need of such information. Naturally, these risk takers will be keen to experiment and sneeze ( word of mouth). That way the proliferation will be much faster and better than launching a me too mag.

Hopefully after the launch of this news letter, am praying that people will discuss not just the weather of Chennai alone. Hope it takes away the heat from Chennai!!!!!