Saturday, August 02, 2008

Leverage the Social Media-- the Gillete way

A unique initiative taken up Gilette and Digitas to infulence behavior change in men which will eventually result in more sales. The movement was called as National Organization of Social Crusaders Reuplsed by Unsahaven Faces ( NOSCRF)with the motto called " Lets end the trend of prickly, scratchy, stubble faces" This is a classic example of using the new Age social media to create a need for the category or to infulence behavior change. Since Gillette is the market leader, the out come of this surrogate intiative resulted in good sales numbers for Gilette although the numbers could be linked to this intiative alone.

The good thing about this initiate is that neither Gilette or Digitas branded this infocommercial or promote the site The video was posted in youtube and in 6 weeks had a million visits to the site.

This leaves me with the thought that consumers will not go to marketers site to look for products and be infulenced for a behavior change.Probably, the approach would be to create entertaining and unbranded commercials which will infulence and engage the users.