Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tweets for Radio Show

I was driving my car in the morning and felt monotonous. So I switched on the radio. They were 8 channels and each one putting up some kind of a 'me too' content.The caller speaks to the RJ on some absurd topic and this goes on for a couple of mins and then you get to hear the latest song, repeated a 100 times in each of these channels. Truly uninspiring!!!!.

Suddenly, 3 disjointed things popped out of my head:
1. In the new age marketing/ Marketing 2.0( thanks to Bernie Borges for this term)content and relationships are the most important things for a consumer

2. How can I connect a Marketing 1.0 medium like radio with the buzz media/Web 2.0 channel

3. Most important of all, how can I make the content interesting, engaging and entertaining.

Big Idea:The Venn diagram of these 3 disjointed things led to an idea. MTV used to have this show in which when the song was playing, some interesting trivia's about the song, artists, music directors et al was displayed as a runner. The content was generated by the producer of the TV show.Things have changed a lot in the last 4 years. We are living in an era where consumer is generating content and consuming content.

New kind of Radio shows:: Lets say the program is an Michael Jackson (MJ) special. The RJ, while introducing the song, can provide one trivia to start. The show is about encouraging listeners of this show to tweet their trivia to the RJ. The RJ will then get to pick and choose the best of them and share it in the show. Mind it all this will happen real time. For example if the song to be played is 'Heal the world'. imagine if the RJ gets a trivia tweet from one of the listener as " In a 2001 Internet chat with fans, Jackson said "Heal the World" is the song he is most proud to have created". To many a Jackson fans any news about him will get them ecstatic...Am sure this will create a postive WOM for the radio shows. The obvious thing is that you get away from monotonous content and get in to engaging content which will help build relationships.. Such is the power of web 2.0 tools

So can we start hearing more tweets :-)