Sunday, December 28, 2008

Spritual Sojourn

The last 6 months in New Jersey has been really hectic and mechanical. Its been work, work and only work. I really felt that I missed the spiritual sojourn which me and my wife used to enjoy when we were in Chennai.

Quite a few questions come to my mind and thankful I am having a long weekend to sit back and think about life, immediate tomorrow and anandham (eternal bliss). Why are these questions arising in my mind? I realized that am get sucked into this materialistic life and one reaches a point of saturation. The Atman is truly deprived of its share of time.Leave alone state of consciousness.But for me to reach the state of consciousness, I need to redefine my paradigm.

This word'Paradigm'is very special in my dictionary as I have a realized that many a times when I am faced with a challenging situation redefining the paradigm has helped look at the issue in a pragmatic manner.To further elaborate on this word,[aradigm', I wish to share an anecdote from Steven Covey's book Seven Habits of Highly effective people. The story goes like this:

" A father and 2 children head to the New York Sub station and were waiting for the train. The kids were really naughty and their decibel levels were very high. The other passengers and onlookers were really upset with the kids behavior that they went to the father and questioned as to why the father is not controlling the kids? One of the onlooker asked the father about the kids mom and why was she not around to control the kids? The father with a heavy heart replied saying that they just finished the mother's funereal and were getting back home. Immediately the whole paradigm changed. Everybody looked at the kids with sympathy." The situation was the same but when the paradigm changes our reaction changes.

Coming back to where I left.... Paradigm... I have decided to redefine my paradigm. If the goal is to seek the Uultimate then my current paradigm does not help me in achieving it. It is too busy mending my ways to achieve incremental progress in my materialistic life.

Just when I was thinking on these lines, I had a chance to listen to one of the spiritual leader about bramha anandham. Looks like the solution to the puzzle is falling in place and am starting my spirtual sojourn. Am beginning to believe that once the paradigm is set then things that you encounter will be in line with your paradigm... For the last 2 days I have managed to read and practice few things which will fuel my quest for consciousness This includes:

Upanishads: Knowledge of Realty
Narayaneeyam: Sung in praise of Guruvayoorappan
Thiruppavai: Andals hymns on Lord Vishnu
Chakras: Bioenergy centers within the body
Kundalini: Coiled serpent

I am encountring works of authors whom I have never heard off:

susan Shumsky:How to hear voice of God
Leo Buscaglia: Bus 9 to Paradise

Call it fate , destiny or as I would like to call it as divine intervention. The paradigm is right and my only prayer to god is bless me and fuel my thoughts so that the spitual sojourn turns into an odyssey.