Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Roles

Its almost inevitable that the marketing/media managers are forced to look at internet as a medium for brand building. While the inertia was high to move to Internet, thanks to the overwhelming adoption of social networks, marketers are now looking at more ways of permission or collaboration marketing than marketing through intrusion ( imagine a banner on the road screaming for attention when you are busy driving).

This gets to me to think as to how the marketing team of the future is going to look like... Some trends to justify this thought:
1.Social networks are proving to be new ways of engaging customers
2. Interruption marketing moves way for permission marketing
3. Rapid progress on the social media measurement. What is spoken about your brand in www is often asked question. Seth Godin has launched brands in public(BIP).
4. Emergence of measurement tools from radiance, hubspot gives enough opportunity for marketers to focus on the activities online.

As web 2.0 is proving to be an interactive medium, marketers are sure to put in additional resources not just money but create new roles like:

1. Chief Engagement Officer - Online( CEGO):-)
2. Engagement manager - Facebook appverdising ( applications+ advertising)
3. Customer Response Manager - Twitter ( kind of work Comcast is doing using Twitter)

Cool... Let me look for new designation :-).